The delivery of legal services is an intense business. Demands on law firm leaders are myriad and varied. It’s a rare law firm that has dedicated roles or the extra capacity for implementing any type of major change, or at least the ability to focus on it enough to ensure success. I have been working with all types of UK law firms, Partners/Boards, and IT, HR, and legal teams for 20 years. I help law firms with specific projects or support a firm over the long term as a trusted advisor.

The type of work I do spans:

  • System Selection
    • HR systems
    • Practice Management
    • Case Management
    • But not long drawn out written ITT processes!
  • Departmental and business unit reviews
  • Project Management and Mentoring
  • Sales and Marketing projects
  • General strategy and board support
  • Extensive knowledge of UK legal software and services suppliers
  • See more of the recent engagements here

We have worked with Verdigris over the last two years and have found the advice and support to be both innovative and invaluable. Initially, we engaged Pauline to provide input on our IT infrastructure/strategy for which she has renowned legal sector expertise. It quickly became apparent however that her additional skillset in staff engagement, sales, and marketing brings a holistic approach helping to keep SA Law at the forefront of a fast-changing profession.   

Steve RyanManaging Partner, SA Law LLP