The perfect training rollout

Your firm has invested a huge amount of time and money procuring the best system for you, the partners and the staff.  It is now crucial that your team have a plan in place for delivering the perfect roll out.

Our knowledge as a training partner can ensure the successful system upgrade or new system rollout – we’ve delivered these projects many times before so let us use our experience to make it as smooth/pain-free as possible.

We can ensure this project is dealt with as speedily as possible so you as a firm can see your return on investment as quickly as possible.

Typical challenges 

  • Getting staff on board – buy-in from staff – for a new system.
  • Being able to train a large number of staff in time for go-live.
  • Achieving consistency to the training delivery.
  • Having the depth of knowledge of all the IT business systems within a  training team.
  • Monitoring and reviewing the results of training – difficulty in reporting easily to the partnership on training progress and end-results vs. investment.


So many firms fail to communicate the reasons behind a strategic IT investment decision.  It is a vacuum that allows staff to decide amongst themselves that change is a negative move or worse still, feel that money is being spent on IT systems rather than them! Right from the beginning, you are fire fighting against the success of this project.

Project communications are a key part of any change process. We are an experienced team that can help in a wide breadth of ways to support you in this ‘internal marketing’ to your staff. Covering why the decision was made to invest in new a legal IT system, why this particular system and what benefits all of this effort will bring to staff and then the firm.

The fear of change

Your staff probably had their dislikes of your old system but they knew how it worked and they didn’t have to put too much thought into working around its deficiencies it any more.

Now they have the fear and worry of a new system and not knowing how to use it.  The sooner they start some training and see that although it’s new it will help with their daily work, the sooner you will get the engagement and buy-in from them.

A useful article talking about this subject in managing change for end users for system projects has been published by the Calico Group member, Baskerville Drummond here.

We will work with you on all your staff, their roles and what they need to know.  We then tailor the training programmes accordingly with you.

Control and visibility

You will be able to set up the relevant courses according to the role of the staff member and with the ability to run reports you will be able to monitor the results and deal with any further training needs.

Classroom training options

Verdi-Learn can also supply classroom based training as part of a blended training proposal if this style better suits your firm, and there are plenty of handouts and supporting documents too for those who prefer to learn this way.

Legal IT competency certification (LTC4)

As a law firm you may wish to invest in LTC4 accreditation, which can be delivered seamlessly through the Capensys courseware programme.  The LTC4 process and result is in itself engaging for high achievers and really helps to promote to your law firm employees how seriously the firm takes investment in training.

It also signals to your existing and prospective customers that system use and competency are high on the customer service agenda. Clients will not be paying a lawyer for time wasted negotiating their way through the firms legal business systems!

What is LTC4? Click here for more information

Supporting consultancy options are included in most of our training delivery proposals.  You then have the right additional support and expertise available to help you deliver your ongoing training strategy or major roll-out project.

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